What a year, thank you all!

Top work tonight team bit of MetCon bit of stationed circuit. Last class by me this year! All classes on last classes of 2017 this Friday!

Like to thank you all for training with us at DocksideFitness Liverpool you make it the place it is!

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2018 to watch you all smash it for another year!

What a year of training it has been! Well done all!

Another 12 months never the same session never a cancelled class!

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as your coaches have!

Enjoy Christmas and bringing in the new year!

Rest the body and get ready for another year of results! DF #Fitness #Health #Hiit #MetCon #Olympiclift #Lift #EatClean #getlean #fitnessprofessional #personsltraining #Liverpool