Dockside Fitness has the facilities to accommodate all of your training needs and preferences with strength and conditioning, weight training and world class Muay Thai (from our incorporated PTB Academy Muay Thai gym).

You can either work under supervision during an individualised prescribed workout where you will be mentored on how to develop and execute best practice; whilst also being monitored to adapt and apply a continuous structured fitness regime compiled around your own personal goals.

Our timetable consists of two options. Either free train at a time that is convenient to you or you can participate in one of our classes.

Classes involve training in an friendly and supportive group environment; with our strict non-judgemental attitude we urge all men/women, ages/sizes and people at all fitness levels to get involved.

With the use of our up to date, high level performance equipment, our experienced knowledgeable coaches will provide you with sequential routines to be performed in repetition. This includes strength and conditioning, scale load and high intensity interval training, running and endurance squats, press ups, pull ups, rowing, kettle bells and plyometrics. Each workout is constantly varied, maintaining interest and avoiding complacency. You perform these routines by either working at your own pace to achieve personal targets it with the option to train amongst others at a more competitive level. No pressure!!

At Dockside Fitness we require consistency and dedication, in turn we assure increased fitness levels, decreased body fat, burn calories, body sculpting and an overall improvement in physical well-being.